It all started when...

we were looking for wineries that had outdoor spaces to enjoy wine and the environment where it was grown and made.

While everyone has a different preference for varietals (Cabernet v. Pinot, Chardonnay v. Pinot Grigio), most everyone can agree that drinking wine together outdoors is second to none. So we created this site for fun to help us and our friends figure out the best spots.

What started out as simply a site to share wine spots led us to the realization that there were far more wineries that deserved attention than what we could see on the shelves in local stores. Smaller wineries don't have access to the corporate marketing departments (and budgets) that larger brands have. But their wines are just as good and deserve just as much attention, if not more so.

So we partnered with a digital marketing agency, CaskWork Systems, to offer a full suite of fully managed services for wineries to get their message out. Websites, mobile, e-mail, social, they will do it all for you so you can focus on what you want to do, make great wines.

If you're a small winery that's interested in getting help with your marketing, please reach out to CaskWork or call them at (408) 990-2948.
If you're a winery (big or small) that would like to be listed here, please reach out to us directly via e-mail and we'll be sure to get things set up! We're always on the hunt for more places to drink great wine in the great outdoors. Cheers!