It all started when...

we were looking for wineries that welcomed visitors (both the scrambling two-legged and panting four-legged varieties). One of us has multiple dogs, the other has a curious toddler and both of us were hunting for new, fun places besides the local park. We wanted places that let us come together, drink something delicious, relax and stretch our legs (preferably outside).

While everyone has a different preference for varietals (Cabernet v. Pinot, Chardonnay v. Pinot Grigio), most everyone can agree that drinking wine together outdoors is second to none. So we created this site for fun to help figure out the best spots we could bring the entire family without getting those all-to-judgmental looks like, 'you didn't really bring THEM here, did you?'

That's it. A simple site designed to showcase wineries that you can bring your WHOLE family out instead of trying to arrange for childcare or dog sitters. We are also adding in extra content beyond what you would find on the winery website or Yelp or Facebook. Information that is relevant to people like us. For example, is there a baby changing table in the restroom? Or Is there a space where dogs are allowed to run off-leash?

Just a few of the items that would help us make our decisions easier for where to go when we're looking for a place to relax and unwind.


Are you a winery? Want to be listed here?

What started out simply as a site to share wine spots led us to the realization that there were far more wineries that deserved attention than what we could see on the shelves in local stores. Smaller wineries don't have access to the corporate marketing departments (and budgets) that larger brands have. But their wines are just as good and deserve just as much attention, if not more so.

So we partnered withCaskWork Systems, to offer a full suite of fully managed services for wineries to get their message out. Websites, mobile, e-mail, social, they will do it all for you so you can focus on what you want to do, make great wines.

If you're a small winery that's interested in getting help with your marketing, please reach out to CaskWork (www.caskworksystems.com) or call them at (408) 990-2948. If you're a winery (big or small) that would like to be listed here, please reach out to us directly via e-mail and we'll be sure to get things set up! We're always on the hunt for more places to drink great wine in the great outdoors. Cheers!